Cheat Sheet to obtaining New Jersey driving License

Steps and cheat sheet to New Jersey driving license

Steps and cheat Sheet to New Jersey driving License

So you are new to New Jersey or the country? Chances are that you have already gone through the and noted the process of getting your NJ license. You have possibly also got your six point verification done and now looking at conquering the tests! If you have an existing US license, this article may not mean much to you. Read on if you need to know steps and cheat sheet to New Jersey driving license . If you have an existing international license / Indian license you will still have to undergo the knowledge test. Some DMV’s might not require you to take the road test.

This article is specifically to help, support and present a comprehensive steps and cheat sheet to New jersey driving license. Firstly to ace knowledge test and then road test for NJ license .

Steps and cheat sheet to New Jersey driving License

Step 1: The 6 point ID verification

The 6 point ID verification and the above link will simplify what documents you need to obtain the permit to write a test . Ensure you check against ‘online document selector’ and carry each of these documents. You can visit your nearest DMV and get these documents checked.

CHEAT SHEET 1 : 6 point ID

This isn’t a typical cheat sheet , but important points to note before you obtain your first permit. These are points that are either in fine print or they do not disclose on the website.

  1. If you are on a dependent visa ensure the H1/L1 visa holder accompanies you on your visit 1. This is important.
  2. Be prepared for long queues if going during a rush hour. Factor in enough time and patience.
  3. The DMV you visit will assist you with a form to fill, and a booklet that is the key to your written test . Please do not forget this book.
  4. I visited the DMV office thrice before I finally managed to get the permit. My social security had my maiden name even though all my other documents were in my married name. I had to make a quick round of the social security office to make that correction and finally back to the DMV to accept it. It is frustrating, but keep a smile on!
  5. At this point you will get the permit to ‘ write ‘ a knowledge test. Check all details and get ready to follow the next steps and cheat sheet to  new Jersey driving License

STEP 2 : The Knowledge test

Passing score is 80% and 8 mistakes are allowed to pass the test.

Online test : displayed on a computer

Now you could have aced a million tests in life , knew it all, and conquered it all , but its been a while and now your test taking skills are rusty and the fear of a test lurks around! Preparing for the test (CHEAT SHEET to obtaining NJ driving license)

CHEAT SHEET 2 : Preparation to the knowledge test .

  1. The booklet : Remember the booklet we reminded you to pick up at DMV- its your best friend! Read it . If you are comfortable with online material read here
  2. Mock Test : Take as many free mock tests as possible. It’s the best way to brush your knowledge and manage your test taking ability.
  3. Pay attention to these chapters : When reading the textbook lay emphasis on the chapters of Drinking drugs and health & Driver privileges & Penalties. There is no way to guess questions regarding law ! ( please read others too)
  4. Optimize : you can finish reading the book and practicing all possible free tests in 3-4 days. Anything above might lead to burn out and boredom. This is possibly a good enough preparation unless you think you need more time and the scoring still isn’t up to mark!
  5. Test Buddy : If you can find someone who is taking the test with you, it just helps pepping each other up and discussing ! find a test buddy

Step 3: On the day of Exam

Remember the written test is a walk in . Chose a time and go the center nearest to you. Carry the permit you have received after your 6 point ID verification.

The first will be the vision test which will be quick and just couple of letters to read. Don’t worry you will get to the test taking screen quickly! This is your phase 3 for steps and cheat sheet to New jersey driving license.

CHEAT SHEET 3 : Clearing your knowledge test:

(Steps and Cheat sheet to New Jersey driving license)

  1. Take your time : This is our number 1 point . Remember this test isn’t timed. You can take your time while you ponder over the multiple choice questions. Skip what you do not know and move to the next questions. The test will bring those questions back to you once you have finished answering what you are comfortable with raising your confidence and score. Chances are you might end up with correctly answering the 40 and skipping the 10 you were unsure of . Bingo!
  2. Hidden Answers: Read carefully. Sometimes the answer you aren’t sure of is actually hidden in the next set of questions. For example what does X sign mean and the next question is if sign X means Y, what does Z mean ? you get the drift ?
  3. Take charge of those nerves: avoid silly errors and remember you can always come back and take this test the next day if you don’t score ( unlikely). Take charge of your nerves! Seriously
  4. Ah now that you have cleared the written test , you will be receiving the learners permit. Ensure this is stamped and validated before leaving the counter. Follow the cheat sheet to obtaining NJ driving license

STEP 4: The road test

Book your road test : After having aced the knowledge test , conquered the vision test- this is the last straw . The road test can be given only after 3 months of obtaining the permit. Here are things to do during the 3 months window

  1. Practice driving ( obviously). We recommend a couple of driving schools, if you have driven in your home country we recommend practicing upto 4 hours with the instructor.
  • Amar driving school
  • Falcon driving school

When speaking to these driving school insist on the same instructor for every class to monitor progress and to maintain the consistency. Practice parallel park, K Turn , straight reverse etc .Make good use of those classes and that permit.

CHEAT SHEET 4: How to ace the Road test

(Our final set of Steps and Cheat sheet for New Jersey driving license)

Once you are done practicing with a licensed instructor, and have driven around the city you will be heading to the road test. Here are few very helpful pointers. 

  1. The following test centers have easy terrain and are comparatively easier to pass through!
  • Rahway
  • Lodi
  • Qaukerbridge
  1. Stop at stop sign : most important . Your test will be terminated if not doing so !
  2. Do not Honk : period ( unless there is an emergency)
  3. Don’t forget your indicators; they are there for signaling
  4. Look both sides when taking a turn even when there isn’t any traffic ( Rahway ) . The instructor is measuring your habits!
  5. Maintain the speed limit.
  6. Relax…. Most mistakes are made when you are nervous!

Get your permit signed and approved !!! Thank us later for this cheat sheet to obtaining your NJ driving license

Yaay !now that you have aced everything go back to DMV and get your license . Ensure you smile for that final picture. NO cheat sheet here 🙂