How to deal with stress of a competion – JC dance stars

How to deal with stress of a competition

How to deal with stress of a competition – JC Dance stars

 A guide for parents & caregivers

In less than 2 weeks from now, you will have the pleasure of watching your loved one on stage , dazzling , shining and mesmerizing. Many many days and nights of practice, control, modulation, introspection and hard work will see the spot-light on stage !  If you are a teacher, parent, friend or participant let us just congratulate you in advance. Let us applaud you right away in appreciation for the courage and confidence in walking up to the stage and performing under that glaring spot-light. And this is our small attempt at suggesting how to deal with stress of a competition- JC dance stars. This by no means is comprehensive list of all things you can do ! How to deal with stress of a competition – Jc dance stars A guide for parents & caregivers.

Of  course while winning is important, that’s the goal for most of the performers. Every participant wants to win, every participant wants to be at the top, every performer wants that dazzling medal because winning evokes a sense of pride, happiness and thrill!

But Its not always easy to keep it together when it feels like winning is everything. Help your loved ones and any performer on stage, keep a healthy attitude about participation, about healthy competition and develop the tools to deal with the stress that comes with competing! Know how to deal with stress of a competition- JC dance stars. Below is our brief guide on how to deal with stress of a competition – JC dance stars

And while winning is important, its not everything! Encourage you to talk to children about the following

Not winning is an option : Failure is the biggest stepping stone

When a baby is first learning to walk, she’s falls down many times. This, in fact, is failure. But, if you ask any mother about her baby’s ability to walk ,she will be confident and without doubt that her baby will one day walk. She might fall down many times, but she will surely walk. Of course , falling down and failing while learning to walk is just a part of life.

So, Dear parents, teachers and coaches.. these are your babies on stage and any failures should be treated with same confidence and same hope! This is the first reminder when you step into competition. The first method of how to deal with stress of a competition- JC dance stars

Remind yourself that without failure, we’d be less capable of compassion, empathy, kindness, and great achievement; we would be less likely to reach for the stars. We would not adjust our goals, re- assess our strategy and strike again, harder!

Irrespective of the outcomes and where will you rank at the end of the competition there are 4 important lessons that only failure can teach us .. and these lessons are the way to deal with stress- a simple guide map.

Experience: Its valuable

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” — Michael Jordan

Remind your child that when we go through something ,we walk away with firsthand experience, it helps us to develop a deeper understanding of the skill and hone it better. There is no short cut to gaining experience. This dear parents should serve as a reminder when you question how to deal with stress of a competition- JC dance stars

Knowledge : Gain Gain & Gain

When Thomas Edison famously failed nearly 10,000 times to create a commercially viable electric lightbulb, with each failure, he gained the knowledge of just one more avenue that didn’t work. It was the accumulated knowledge developed from nearly 10,000 failed ones”

Knowledge harnessed from failures is a stepping-stone to future victories.

  1. Growth : Upon failure is when we usually develop deeper perspective, understand if we truly understand the skill we are trying to master. This makes us grow and without growth we will never get better! 
  2. Resilience: In order to achieve long term success, we must know and understand resilience. Because, if we think that we’re going to succeed on the first try, or even the first few tries, then we’re sure to set ourselves up for a far more painful failure .
  3. Of course reminding yourself of failures and setting right expectations is part of being a good coach/parent , remember to do the below on the final performance day 
  4. Praise the efforts: your words and actions mean the world to your students and children. Your attention and encouragement helps build their self-confidence and self-esteem. The two components that will take them places and win over in toughest life situations. Its not only imperative to view this on how to deal with stress of a competition but in life otherwise too.
  5. Avoid Sarcastic Remarks – If a child loses or fails , find out how he or she feels about the situation. Children may get discouraged and need a pep talk. Later, when they are ready, talk and offer assurance. Avoid making sarcastic remarks.. Remember your child watches you like a hawk, so it’s important to handle your own disappointments with grace. If you panic every time, it wont set the right example and set them to lose interest in something they derive joy from
  6. EncourageMake them the best version of themselves: Encourage to not only strive to do their best, work with them to get better on stage and build confidence . Nothing works better than a little pep talk about how much their effort means and that their hard work will show. A little challenge is always good!
  7. Be their best cheerleader :support them with positive words . Encourage them and let them know that it’s the effort that counts. Irrespective of the results , your position with them never changes! You believe in them and You are their best cheerleader!. 
  8. Make memories: Stage performance is feared by 75% of adults. You are raising brave young soldiers and making them stage ready for future, so might as well capture these moments and make memories.
  9. Enjoy the journey: At the end what matters is how much fun they had , how much did they enjoy and how do they feel about this journey! And if it was a steep learning curve, an experience worth sharing , it’s a journey worth clapping for! Enjoy it

These are few things you can do and be advised on how to deal with stress of a competition – JC dance stars, and by no means is this list and article comprehensive, but a means to support the large community of enthusiastic parents and participants !

Good luck everyone

Karwa Chauth Events near Jersey City

Karwa Chauth Events near Jersey City

History, legends and stories are a major part of Karwa chauth festival but more importantly its is one of the favorite festivals of married women, specially in the northern part of the India. On this day married women observe a day long fast for the well being, prosperity and long life of their husbands. Unmarried girls also observe this fast with the belief that by doing so they will be bestowed with a loving and caring husband.

Married women adorn themselves in their fineries the colors of red and orange prominent, symbols of auspiciousness. Jewelry, makeup, kohl and beautiful designs of henna adorn their hands. Inspired by the many legends connected to the Karwa Chauth festival, there are several rituals performed during this event. There are significant rituals with regard to the worship of earthen pots or karwas‘, that are filled with sweets as part of the festivities. It is even more significant the first time after marriage. The newly weds receive their ‘sargi‘ from their mother-in-laws, which is a sweet consumed before the fasting ritual early in the morning. A ‘thali‘ plate containing gifts, also known as the ‘baya‘ is exchanged by the women in the family.

Married women fast from sunrise to sunset, and prayers to God are offered in the evening along with stories of Karwa Chauth echoing while thalis are circulated. After they observe the moon through a sieve, the women break their fasts by consuming water, offered by their husbands. The whole family will then assemble to feast on delicious food. The preparation for the Karwa Chauth festival begins at least one week before the actual day.

Karwa Chauth is celebrated on the fourth day of the ‘Karthik‘ month And while there are many theories and the legends behind the reason Karwa chauth is celebrated, Bollywood has added glamour and glitz to this festival. And many associate karwa chauth to that romantic scene in the favorite Bollywood movie , the essence of love, romance, prayers and belief communicated and felt so wonderfully. And if you are looking for details for karwa chauth events near Jersey City scroll down:

Puja Details

Karwa Chauth Puja Mahurat – 17:54 to 19:15 (Duration 1 Hour 21 mins)

Moonrise on 27th Oct – 20:30

Chaturthi Tithi begins – 9:07

Chaturthi Tithiends 28th Oct 07:24

Source –

Find other details of Karwa chauth events in Jersey City or Karwa chauth Puja get together near Jersey City in our list below.

Karwa chauth Puja 2018 – At Newport Fitness club ( A Sparkles Event)

Dates – October 27th  4:00PM- 6PM

Venue – 33 River Dr South, Jersey City, 07310

Hosted by : Sparkles Event

Tickets to be bought $ 5 per person

After the last years house full and successful event of Puja at Newport Fitness club, Sparkles event is organizing the Karwachauth Puja 2018 this year as well. The venue remains as Newport swim and fitness club.There is a nominal charge for the event per head . A puja will be performed by a Panditji and ladies can get together, pray with traditional thalis in this venue before setting eyes on the moon


Karwa Chauth Events near Jersey City

Karwa chauth event 2018 – Partee Shartee

Dates – October 26 and 27th from 6:00PM- 8PM

Venue – 49 W 33rd St, Bayonne, NJ 07002-3907, United states

Hosted by : Partee Shartee

 Contact : 551-200-4068, 551-200-4732, 201-654-2899

Tickets to be bought $ 70 per couple

This karwa chauth event is a full blown party spread over 2 days . A pre event where you can plan and enjoy the on site spread including henna. The main day is very promising . Puja items will be given on site and a panditji will be conducting Puja in the traditional way followed by a 3 course dinner. Children can also enjoy this event. This is a great event to attend if you are looking for Karwa chauth event near Jersey City

The Pre Event on 26th has 2 components

  • Mehendi: Professional photographer to capture your precious moments.

The Main day event on 27th is an event galore :

  • Karwa Chauth Pooja with Panditji
  • Pooja Item provided onsite
  • Dedicated moon viewing – Patio & Law
  • Professional Photographer
  • 3 course dinner with lots of fun for kids.

Celebrate this festival here if you are looking for Karva chauth events near Jersey City

Karwa Chauth Events near Jersey City

Basking Ridge Indian community – Karwa chauth 2018

Dates : October 27st 2018; Time 2PM-6PM EDT

Venue : Basking Ridge Indian community, basking ridge , New Jersey 07920

Hosted by : Basking ridge Indian community

The Basking ridge Indian community is a fairly new community of Indian and since they are new they work harder and strive more for meaningful events and community coming together. This Karwa chauth event is a get together with mehendi event at a very nominal charge. The event details are

Mandatory registration required to attend this event
Saturday October 27th, 2018 .
Vanue : Pleasant Valley Park Warming Hut (Indoor) , Basking Ridge. 
Henna : 2pm – 5:30PM – Mehendi (nominal cost involved)
Puja : 4:30 – 5:30 – Aarti/Puja
Participants pay $5 per head. 

This event is just meant for you if you are looking for Karwa Chauth events near Jersey City

Karwa Chauth Events near Jersey City

Raj Jewels- Bansal Group Pre Karwa chauth party

Dates Oct 26 , 12AM– 8:30PM

Venue –1376, Oak tree Rd, Iselin, NJ 08830-1684

Hosted by – Raj Jewels

This event makes this festival and fasting even more interesting by provoking creativity of Puja Thali decoration and enticing the ladies with lucrative prizes including a diamond pendant. What more can one ask for This Grand Pre Karwa Chauth Party at Raj jewels features free mehndi, live dhol, photo booth, designer gold & diamond jewelry shopping, “PoojaThali Contest” to win a diamond mangalsutra, and goodie bags.

This is an open event and it welcomes everyone at their store location. There are rules to the Puja Thali contest. The raffle tickets on site is added attraction.

Head here for the delight and everything that you are looking for in a karwa chauth event near Jersey City

What is also of utmost importance is the Moon rise and the auspicious time to do Puja

Raj Jewels- Bansal Group Pre Karwa chauth party

Dates Oct 26 , 12AM– 8:30PM

Venue –1376, Oak tree Rd, Iselin, NJ 08830-1684

Hosted by – Raj Jewels

This event makes this festival and fasting even more interesting by provoking creativity of Puja Thali decoration and enticing the ladies with lucrative prizes including a diamond pendant. What more can one ask for This Grand Pre Karwa Chauth Party at Raj jewels features free mehndi, live dhol, photo booth, designer gold & diamond jewelry shopping, “PoojaThali Contest” to win a diamond mangalsutra, and goodie bags.This is an open event and it welcomes everyone at their store location. There are rules to the Puja Thali contest. The raffle tickets on site is added attraction.

Head here for the delight and everything that you are looking for in a karwa chauth event near Jersey City

And if you are wondering where to get Mehendi done for the fast, we would recommend the following artist for Mehendi for karwa chauth near Jersey city

Swati Rastogi  617-955-9431

Do reach Swati for Karwa chauth special mehendi near Jersey city

Happy Fasting……

Diwali events in Jersey City

Diwali events in Jersey City     

The biggest and one of the most significant festivals in Indian culture, Diwali is celebrated around the world by Indians. This festival is accompanied by firework displays, prayers, diyas, and the families come together to enjoy the celebration of ‘ triumph of good over evil’.  Here we have included all the fun family Diwali events in Jersey city.

Diwali is traditionally celebrated over a period of 5 days and marks the return of Lord Ram and his wife Sitaafter defeating Ravana..

Each state and faith have different ways of celebrating Diwali but the common theme of food and fireworks remain consistent.

Families and friends come together during this time and nights are spent playing card games. Bazaars are lit up with lines of Diyas and array of sweets . Savory items also see a tantalizing line up and gifting sweets and other items is part of the culture. The entire atmosphere gets lit up not only by the lights of Diwali but the excitement in everyone’s eyes, the smell of delicious food from the kitchen and star studded sky.

If you are missing the Diwali atmosphere and the fun you so much yearn to have and started looking for events, we bring to you the top 5 places to head to for this Diwali events in Jersey city.

Diwali events in Jersey City     

SCA Festival of lights – Diwali 2018 : Jersey city

Dates : October 21st 2018; Time 12PM-6PM

Venue : City hall ,280 Grove st, Jersey city NJ 07302

Hosted by : Saraswati Cultural association of New Jersey

Website :

This event tops our list of Diwali events in Jersey city. The Saraswati cultural association of New Jersey was founded in 1991 to promote cultural awareness amongst the diverse community in the tri- state area. They have hosted successful fun filled Diwali events in the last few years. And if the super successful last year event at Exchange place is the benchmark, this is one Diwali event not to be missed. It’s a free event with Live music, many cultural performances, raffles , activities for kids and many other attractions accompanied by traditional, mouthwatering and delicious food. Head here for a star studded night and a fun evening and enjoy this Diwali event in Jersey city.

Diwali events in Jersey City     

Biggest Surati Lights of Diwali 2018

Dates – October 24 at 7:30PM- Oct 28 at 2AM

Venue – Art House productions, 262 17th street, Jersey city, New Jersey 07310

Hosted by : Surati for performing arts and education


The Surati for performing arts Diwali 2018 , is one of the most elaborate and promising Diwali festival. Spread over 4 days it promises to be the culturally relevant, fun filled largest festival in the area. And in case you are thinking of where to find Diwali events in Jersey city do check the event details.

The line up of the events are very interesting and entertaining beginning with Rimli Roy’s “RAMAAVAN” – A Musical – An original Broadway style production bringing the Ramayana alive on stage through theater, drama & songs.

The mega event also includes Diwali Ethnic Bazaar and street fair with many vendors and activities making it a fun event.

And finally the 4 day event includes the Diwali Spectacular –Indoor gala style Diwali party which will entail a fashion show, cash bar, kids hang out , live entertainment. And this is one place not to be missed in Diwali events in Jersey city.


The Gold Diwali – The  corporate Diwali hosts & Burgeon Jewelry event

Dates Nov 4 , 6PM onwards

Venue – Liberty House, Jersey city

Hosted by Burgeon Jewelery this is the longest running tri state diwali event ( 13 years ). This year the Mayors office is felicitating  honoree for women empowerment . 

The event comes with a 4 hour open bar and dinner follows. DJ& Dance to glamour up the event. Planned out event for children with stories, Rangoli etc to get the little ones engaged and happy. The event costs $75 per adult and $30 for children (2-12)


Diwali events in Jersey City     

Sparkles Annual Diwali party – 2018

Dates Nov 3 , 8PM -12AM

Venue W hotel, Hoboken.225 river St, Hoboken , New Jersey

Hosted by – Sparkle events

Hosted by Sparkles Events ,2018 Diwali party is their 6th event. If you are looking forward to a glittery night complete with glamour, unadulterated Diwali entertainment and an evening to remember– just head to the Sparkles annual party. The venue is the charming W hotel in Hoboken. The event includes a sumptuous 3 course buffet and non stop entertainment, DJ &Music . Raffles and giveaways to keep the excitement going and return favor for every family, just an an icing on the cake. The kids breakout rooms and caretakers on premise for kids is a sure shot delight. This could be your choice for Diwali events in Jersey city

Diwali events in Jersey City     

Diwali cruise on the Hudson

Dates – Nov 3, 6:00pm onwards

Venue : Starts from Harbor lights yacht,2430 FDR drive, New York, NY 10010

Website –

Although this option is not in Jersey city, but we could not skip this different and luxurious star studded choice

The Diwali cruise on Hudson is a chance to celebrate Diwali in style aboard an ultra luxurious cruise. They have a special Diwali festival on 3rd Nov . This yacht party is for 21 years old and above and offers a star-studded, fun and beautiful evening with celebrity DJ performance and a cash bar. Food is available on premise. The dress code is trendy and chic just like the experience that promises to be one of its kind- Diwali on a cruise.

Diwali events in Jersey City     

Diwali on the Hudson

Dates – November 14 2018

Venue- Hudson Terrace, 621 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

Hosted by Desai foundation

This venue is also not in Jersey City, yet when its noted by eminent columns, we should make a mention of this event in our line up for Diwali events 2018.

Featured in the The New YorkerFast CompanyThrillist & one of – Americas‘ “Diwali Events You Must Check Out in NYC” , If this is said about Diwali on Hudson hosted by Desai foundation , then you know this event will be outstanding and in demand. Diwali on the Hudson is turning 5 this year and in such short time they have managed to get their event noticed by celebrated publications. They boast of an all night-sponsored bar, Indian cuisine and top class entertainment. A must go place for Diwali event.

We bring to you top places to go for Diwali events in Jersey city, and you are sure spoilt for choice. Celebrate Diwali in style. May this season bring in prosperity, health ,wealth and happiness.

Happy Diwali from Indians in Jersey city

Indian Independence Day events in Jersey City and NYC

Indian Independence Day events in Jersey City and NYC

On 15th August 2018 Republic of India will be celebrating its 72nd Independence Day. Indians in Jersey City can mark this celebration with multiple events happening in and around Jersey City. Indians in Jersey City brings you the list of these events, please read along to know more about these events

Indian Independence Day Celebration in Downtown Jersey City

City Hall Plaza, 280 Grove Street, Jersey City

August 11, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Indian Independence Day events in Jersey City and NYC

Downtown Jersey City will be hosting its fourth annual Independence Day celebration at City Hall Plaza from 4.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Event will kick off with parade lead by exuberant NJ Dhol-Tasha group. Continuing its tradition event will see long line up of several cultural performances by the young ones and adults displaying several genres of art form within Indian cultural diaspora. As you swoon over the patriotic songs your taste buds will have chance to enjoy traditional Indian delicacies as several well-known Indian restaurants will have their stalls at your service. Fun, frolic and patriotism – everything you need to complete your Indian experience in Jersey City will be bundled up at this single event.

India Day Parade in NYC

Madison Avenue, 27th – 38th Street, NYC

August 19, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Indian Independence Day events in Jersey City and NYC

While Jersey City’s own Independence Day celebration remain favorite for the locals, those looking for one more reason to head out to city can attend India Day Parade organized by Federation of Indian Associations. FIA is hosting it’s 38th annual India Day Parade on August 19th, 2018 , Madison Avenue, New York City.

The Parade starts at 12.00 p.m. on 38th street and head towards 27th street with ceremonial National Anthem performance of India and United Sates with NYPD horses and police band in attendance. There are around 40 floats and several groups marching in the procession. In the past several Bollywood luminaries like Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty and Vidya Balan have graced the post of Grand Marshal at parade.
Indian Independence Day events in Jersey City and NYC

 There will be cultural stand at 24the street showcasing live performances of several Indian art forms. Cultural performances are expected to start at 2 p.m. and last till 6 p.m. Between 24th and 26th street you can savor Indian delicacies and purchase Indian merchandise.

It is advisable to carry sufficient hydration, sun protection and even portable sitting arrangement for the juniors and seniors in your party.

Please check week end PATH schedule for the day before you head out.

India day parade is a fete to reminiscent of our glorious motherland and its rich heritage.

Indian Independence Day Flag Raising and Celebration

City Hall Council Chambers, 280 Grove Street, Jersey City

Date: August 14th 

Time: 10 to 12pm

Office of Welcoming Communities of Jersey City Municipal Council and Govinda Senior’s Army
in past had Flag hoisting ceremony at City Hall. Ceremony begins with flag hoisting by Mayor of
Jersey City. Children’s performance begins at 10.00 a.m. till 12.00 p.m.

Indian Independence Day Parade

Oak Tree Road, Edison
Date: TBD
Indian Business Association organizes New Jersey’s biggest India Day parade. The parade
follows Oak Tree road from Edison to Woodbridge. Indians in Jersey City can take this 40 min
drive to Oak Tree Road. There is no dearth of parking and you can find New Jersey’s some very
famous Indian restaurants lined up along the road. The parade last year attracted around
40,000 spectators. Ritesh Deshmukh was grand marshal last year and expect some luminary
from India to grace the occasion this year also. There will be several floats, marching bands and
walking groups participating in the parade.

Indian Day Mela and Parade

Boardwalk, Atlantic City
Date: TBD
India day mela at Atlantic City gives you a chance to enjoy sunny afternoon along sea side and
attend cultural events organized by South Jersey Indian Association. According to SJIA there will
be colorful floats, accompanied by Indian music and dance bands and DJ’s playing Bollywood
hits. The parade will be followed by a“Mela” (Carnival) that would showcase cultural events,
cuisine served from the many stalls and even display merchandise of India.

Jai Hind!